Chronic Illness and Depression

If you know someone with a chronic illness, this is a must read. If you suffer from a chronic illness, I believe that this post will truly make you feel that finally here is someone that understands what we are going through

Mia with MCTD

I don’t know if it is possible to have a long-term chronic illness and not at some point experience very real depression. I lived it for years and sometimes I don’t think I realized that I was still in it because the depression would take on different faces. I wasn’t always crying my eyes out, can’t get out of bed but sometimes I was just irrational and delusional. I saw everything through hazy eyes.

Let me back up for just a minute

What Is Depression? When you have depression, it interferes with daily life and causes pain for both you and those who care about you. Signs and symptoms include: Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” feelings, Feelings of hopelessness or pessimism, Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or helplessness, Irritability, restlessness, Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable, including sex, Fatigue and decreased energy, Difficulty concentrating, remembering details, and making…

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You Know You’re in Oregon When…….

Helpful Hubby and I took a blazing trip down to Oregon this past weekend.  Oregon is my home state and Helpful Hubby is a bit baffled by some of the differences between Washington and Oregon so, we came up with this great game over the weekend that I thought I would share with you.  It’s called….You Know You’re in Oregon When!  Here are some of the gems we came up with…..say it with me now….’You Know You’re in Oregon When!….’

You cross the boarder of Interstate 5 from Washington and the first thing you see is the large Hooters sign on the left.

You also see hitchhikers and bike riders on the same interstate.

When you walk into a bar and there are children! (In Washington state you may not under any circumstances bring a child into a bar!)

You can’t pump your own gas!

There are so many old school Volkswagens that your arms get sore from playing the slug bug game!

There is no state sales tax!! (Great for major purchases!)

When you see gorgeous sites on the beaches such as this:

Seal Rock Beach

Yea! Oregon!  I may make fun of my home state, however, I always jump at any chance I have to go home!

How I Became an OSU Beaver

As July fades into August and my mind begins to wander to football, I automatically begin to think of my time at Oregon State University. Our football team was horrifically awful while I was there, however, they are making up for it now! I thought I would tell the story of how I came to spend two very life changing years in Corvallis, Oregon. I took my SAT’s and I did pretty well, but I ended up going to community college first—Lane College in Eugene, Oregon because I just didn’t think I was ready to go to a four year school away from home—and it was way less expensive. I studied, ran track and met a lot of nice people, but as I ended up at the end of my time, I was ready to go to a bigger school, where I could grow more than I was growing at home.  My first choice was University of Oregon.  I knew the campus really well and lots of people that went there.  I wanted to live on campus, however, my mom intervened. I was told under no uncertain circumstances that I would live on campus, I was going to live at home.  I was bummed out. My brother went there, my mom worked near the campus and I had spent the majority of my childhood rooting for the Ducks.

About the same time, we went to Corvallis to watch a basketball game. I immediately fell in love with the campus and started researching what programs they had there for study.  I was studying Early Childhood Education at Lane and they didn’t have that at U of O.  I would have had to completely change my major.  During my research I found that OSU had Early Childhood Ed program, so I could continue on AND move away from home. Oh yeah, the best of both worlds as far as I was concerned. I approached my mom and as I talked to her about it, she told me if I was accepted that I would be allowed to go.  I quickly sent in my application and low and behold, I WAS IN!!

My time came to leave for school and I was scared to death. I didn’t know anyone that went to school there, I had been to campus once. I hadn’t even spoke to a counselor yet. What in the hell was I thinking?? I got there and started moving into my dorm with the help of some nice fraternity boys. I walked through campus to figure out where all my classes were going to be. Eventually, my roommate moved in. The roommate that I was assigned was nice, but a little strange and we had nothing in common. However, the girl across the hall, was so cool!! We both loved music, especially Duran Duran. We both watched the same soap operas. We were both athletic. After the first term we convinced our respective roommates to swap.  I was so excited! We began to become inseparable and the best part, we met tons of people.  I have so many great memories with these people—walking to Circle K to get Captain Crunch for a study break, going to parties and running through the park next to our dorm barefoot at midnight to get home. Going for a walk, all of us together, during a snow storm. Spodie parties cruddy football games in the pouring rain, big brothers, pizza, dorm dances…..I don’t think you really remember the study part of college, just the fun parts!!  Many of the people we met we are still in contact with today—thanks to  Facebook!! We still get together as much as we can.

Those way too short two years shaped the person that I was to become and those are two years I wouldn’t trade for anything. I love being a proud member of the Beaver Nation—Hail, Hail, Hail, Hail, Hail, to ole OSU!

English: Weatherford Hall at Oregon State Univ...

Weatherford Hall at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. My most favorite building on campus.

Fashion on Wheels

Many of us have seen or heard about a food truck.  Right now, in the upper northwest corner of the lower 48, food trucks are ALL THE RAGE. I do like them, they are convenient way to get an inexpensive meal that has good food on the go. I had heard lore of another kind of truck—the fashion truck otherwise known as the mobile boutique. I had never seen one until over the weekend, I finally saw one and had to stop.

This one was a trailer, about 15 feet long and light pink on the outside. The inside was very cute—hardwood floor and clothes lining the walls from top to bottom.  She was set up in a parking lot so she also had racks of clothes, jewelry and scarves outside.  I need to start carrying a camera with me!! Now, if I could just find a shoe truck—that would be heaven!!

English: Exterior of the Maximus Minimus food ...

Exterior of the Maximus Minimus food truck, corner of Pike Street and 2nd Avenue, downtown Seattle, Washington. I need to see one in the shape of a shoe that sells shoes.